A small farm in the mountains

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The reason behind writing this short book was to introduce the travelers, volunteers and future farmers to the story of this farm, the experiences of people who have worked here and the philosophy that serves as the foundation for this project, feeds it and makes possible for it to continue to thrive. As this documentation could also be useful for more farms in the region and in similar climates, some background on the practices and refrences for planting and harvesting have been included.

We write this with deep gratitude to all the people who we interacted with at the farm and about the farm, our teachers, our friends and family and most importantly the people of Bir who supported us on this journey and generously and unconditionally shared their time, knowledge and wisdom..

Our hope is that this document will serve as a good record of our experiences, saving the people some time, by not having to re-invent what has been learnt. However, a farm changes everyday and there is no substitute for the knowledge one gains while working with the feet and hands in the soil.
There is no better way to discover the wonders of Nature and Life and connecting with ourselves than growing our own food. It is a skill which will become more and more important and useful as we wake up to the implications of our dominant worldview and systems and look for ways to deepen our understanding of the Laws of Nature.

We invite the future farmers at this farm to add their own observations and experiences to this book making it a living document that grows with the farm and the aspirations and learnings of its farmers and we offer the aspiring farmers, staying at this farm or just passing through, our deepest appreciation and gratitude and wish them Force and Light on this remarkable adventure!