The Indian Sankhya philosophy explains how from energy, matter manifests in stages. First, Air and Fire are born and begin transforming what comes in their way. Next comes Water, creating fluidity and movement, the carrier of the pulsations of energy as it moves through matter. From the settlement of this moving energy, is born Earth, the solid mass holding the movement at rest, holding life in its full potential.

In all cultures, religious and scientific, Water has always been seen as the bearer of life on this planet. The fact that the temperature on our planet is just right for water to be present in a liquid state is probably the only reason why life (of this kind) was possible here. It is the blood of the Earth organism and without it, there will be no movement, as there will be no life. Water, Movement and Life are thus deeply connected and somehow responsible for each other.

Movement owes its existence to polarities. All movements exist between the extremes of this and that.
Contraction and expansion, unity and multiplicity, high and low, hot and cold, light and dark, gravity and levity, all movement is towards the opposite till it reaches there and reverses to come back to the same point and starts the process all over again. This is the rhythm of life and water expresses it beautifully as it moves from oceans to the sky back to the ground and back to the sky continuously feeding life on the way. On the land, it moves effortlessly on a slope, following gravity, taking the shape and the form of its course, while at the same time, imparting its energy to every point it crosses.
Wherever water finds an obstacle, it simply curves and finds the path of least resistance. This curve or meandering, a natural pattern of water movement is an integration of a circle and a line.
Water, therefore, also represents the sensitivity of movement, always becoming what it meets.

Within the flow and the form of the water, its material and spiritual identities are intertwined.
Researches from around the world, have observed and outlined how water is a living entity, that it has memory and that it not only creates life, but also is responsible for healing.

Out of all the forms and shapes water takes, the spiral is the most common and also the most interesting.
Spirals can be observed across the tapestry of life, in leaves, seeds, fruits, shoots of plants, aquatic life, animals, from microscopic scales to land features. The famous Fibonacci spirals, the golden spiral are all examples of how this form concentrates enormous amount of information and energy in it.
Water, too, in this form, takes on a unique character, and opens itself up for interactions with other life forces. Spirals in water can be observed in a flowing river, a water fall and even in your washing sink as water spirals down the drain.

The direction in which water spirals also determines the quality that it expresses.




Water in its vortex form, creates a field of energy that helps ascend the telluric energies (in the female form) and descend the cosmic energies (in the male form). The motion captures oxygen as well as ether (prana), bringing life back to water and raising its vibration. While in this form, fire in the water is clearly expressed and if we listen closely, we can hear it singing.
The validation of these effect of waters vortex is done by using technologies and methods that can map subtle energy changes. Some use pendulum, some their own body and there are also more scientific methods like the copper-chloride crystallisation process, Kirlian photography etc.

Therefore, vortex, if created, can be help water to increase its oxygen content and its energy vibration. Such a water vortex can be used to charge drinking water and water for gardening. A common use of water vortex is in waste water treatment where it is often used in conjunction with flow-forms. The vortex helps to reduce odour of the waste water and keeps it alive so that the plants and micro-organisms can effectively cleanse it.

We are still beginning to understand the language of water, and its tremendous potential in enhancing life and health. This work is inspired from Jean Francois- Audic of Coin de Terre, Auroville who has dedicated most of his life to the study of water and its spirit.

Below are the pictures of a female vortex we installed at Creativity community in Auroville to re-circulate the water in a collection tank which receives waste water after passing through a plant filter. The water from this collection tank is used to irrigate the garden. Therefore, the vortex helps eliminate any odour in the collected water and ‘prepares’ it for the garden by increasing its vibration.


A female vortex installed for waste water treatment at Creativity community,
Auroville, India (September 2020)