Sacredgroves, Auroville | 2014

About Sacredgroves


House on wheels


Experiments with lime





This was a project that came to Manu Gopalan, head architect of Sacred groves project, and he gave me entire freedom to design the future house and have direct contact with the clients, a Tibetan couple with two teenage children.

The climate of Auroville is sub-humid tropical. Auroville is situated on a plateau region with its maximum elevation of 32 m above sea level with an average yearly rain of about 1250 mm. The average maximum temperature is around 32 °C and an average minimum of 20 °C.

The defining feature of this design was to give privacy and openness to the room/space of every family member.


Footprint: 60 sq. m.

Material: waste ruble, cement, Mangalore tiles

Technique: Stonemasonry and compressed bricks

Status: Unbuilt