Ecological Futures 2021




Ecological Futures
Summer 2021 | May 10 – May 18
Shunya farm, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India


The study of the relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment, and of the balances between these relationships.


This course is designed to offer tools to synthesize our scientific and spiritual understanding of life and in that, imagine ways of transiting from anthropocentric to eco-centric worldviews. To create a cohesive understanding of this, we will review both eastern and western philosophies and experiences and take a journey through the history of life and mankind to put our future in perspective. The objective of the course is for the participants to cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder, of asking questions, and explore the skills required to start observing deeply and design healthy environments for an integral life, and most importantly, to explore how our food embodies the consciousness that we need for nurturing these integral paradigms.

During the course, there will be opportunities to work on the farm and the participants will learn some basic skills of using tools, starting a fire, plant identification and classification, reading landscapes, water harvesting, starting seeds, harvesting, and a natural way of working in a garden or a small-scale farm. However, participants who would like to spend more time working on the farm are welcome to extend their stay after the course to help with summer planting, harvesting and seed work.
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Fee Rs. 18,000


Food and accommodation
The course fee does not include food and accommodation expenses.
We will help you to organize stay at the community guest house and will share more options and details closer to the course dates.
We welcome participants to take fresh seasonal produce from the farm, based on availability.


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About Shunya farm
Shunya farm is a small farm located in Bir village in Himachal Pradesh, India. With an area of about 3/4th of an acre, the farm produces food for some people and some local restaurants in Bir.



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