Doing Nothing

Philosophers, mystics, and geniuses in arts and sciences have since long talked about the creative potential of doing nothing. In an age when we are compelled to do something all the time, no matter how significant it is, we find ourselves asking again and again- what are we doing? And why are we doing this?

Our actions are shaped by our understanding of the world, which is shaped by our culture. Our dominant culture implores us to believe that we know everything, or that we can know everything, which puts us in a relentless race of knowing and becoming. Our actions and our culture are tied in this vicious cycle of wanting and getting more and more leading to personal, social and ecological catastrophes.


Doing nothing is leaving all that we believe in, pausing, observing and reflecting on the deep abysses of the reality within and without.

By bringing together practices from ancient spiritual cultures and contemporary analytical methodologies, the course will be an exploration into the dimensions of life and working with our senses to observe the nuances of natural patterns and imagine a reality of harmony.

This is the foundation for integrating mindfulness in one’s daily life, necessary for any creative pursuit.



Deep observation — Senses and awareness – Patterns in nature – Mind and body – Starting seeds – Food and Spirit – Harvesting and cooking – Forest walk – Learning communities


APR 23 – APR 27, 2019


The course fee does not include food and accommodation expenses.
Stay with village families and at local guesthouses is available. Food is offered at the homestays or the dhaabas in the village market.
You are welcome to take the fresh seasonal produce from the farm.




All participants will spend some hours working at the farm every day. During this time the participants will learn some basic skills of working in a garden.
All work on the farm is done with hands and no heavy machinery is involved.