Seed to Seed, November 2017



A seed carries a promise for the future. When the conditions are right, life emerges from this seed, grows, and transforms into many more seeds. Nature expresses its abundance in the form of seeds. As much as seeds provide food security for us, they are also crucial in maintaining biodiversity.

In learning about seeds, we understand the cycle of life, the politics of human cultures and our deep connections with our ecology.

The objective of this course is to introduce different aspects of ecology, which have found articulation and scientific explanation over the last 3 decades. The vastness of our existence and the unimaginable network of relationships that form the basis of life can today be explained not just philosophically and spiritually but also scientifically with a unique terminology brought forth by complexity theory, systems thinking, agro-ecology, Permaculture, and holistic design models.

The new view of the world, which is not very different from that of indigenous communities across the world, is of a web of life governed by the natural, social and personal instincts. More and more people are accepting that you cannot ignore either of these relationships while creating sustainable systems.

The participants will learn how to connect with the soil and food. Practical skills on planting, taking care of, harvesting, preserving, cooking and saving seeds for next season will be shared in theory and practice on the farm.

The course doesn’t require you to have a prior experience in any field.